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This Powerful Evidence-Based Video Training Series Could Save Your Career!

To effectively resolve work-related pain in dentistry, interventions need to be evidence-based, unbiased and specific to dentistry.  The WellBody System for Dental Professionals is a video training series that is the culmination of Dr. Valachi's 20 years of research on work-related pain in dentistry.  This 5-module system includes ALL of Dr. Valachi's education in an easy-to-implement format.  You'll have everything you need to prevent pain, avoid injuries, boost productivity and ensure career longevity so you can rejuvenate your love of dentistry while working pain-free!

Easy-to-implement  |  Videos stream on any device

NEVER EXPIRES | INSTANT access  |  Earn 12 CEUs


Videos stream on any device

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What are People Saying About the Wellbody System?

The WellBody System is excellent!

Dr. Valachi’s WellBody System has been so helpful and made me much more aware of my actions and positions during my work day. I really don’t have much pain anymore but when I do get some kinks here and there, I now know how to treat & resolve them. Dr. Valachi is excellent at what she does and I am so thankful for her sharing her knowledge!

Heidi, RDH

There is hope for those in pain

A well presented, evidenced based, comprehensive collection of actionable information. Just with the stretching and exercise program, I’m feeling better every day. There is hope for those in pain.

Dr. Spiro Kanatselis, Ottawa, ON

What is the REAL ‘price of pain’?

Lost income, medical appointments, time off work, lost productivity, decreased quality of life….disability. It’s hard to place a dollar value these losses.

But what if we did?

The Hidden Cost of Pain in dentistry

for dentists

  • Purchasing non-ergonomic loupes and stools that actually cause pain  $5,000+
  • Sick Leave for 6+ weeks  $15,000+
  • Medical bills ?
  • Decreased production ?
  • Decreased value of practice ?
  • Chiropractic and Doctor's appointments ?

Total = $20,000 - $50,000+

for hygienists

  • Purchasing non-ergonomic loupes and stools that actually cause pain  $1,200+
  • Sick Leave for 6+ weeks  $7,500+
  • Medical bills ?
  • Decreased production ?
  • Chiropractic and Doctor's appointments ?
  • Early Retirement or Disability ?

Total = $9,000 - $30,000+

What if you could avoid all this and much more...

With a comprehensive, evidence-based training program designed to add years to your career and stop YOUR daily pain suffering?



WellBody System


Dr. Valachi’s video training system is the culmination of 20 years of dental ergonomic research and consulting.  Bethany addresses all the risk factors that contribute to work-related pain in dentistry in an easy-to-implement format. 

Rejuvenate Your Love of Dentistry While Working Pain-Free!

The Wellbody System Covers 5 Key Areas for Ergonomic Success

Imagine – an evidence-based dental ergonomic & wellness training resource that guarantees your satisfaction… or your money back!

Here's what you'll receive in the

WellBody System for Dental Professionals:


The Etiologies of Work-related Pain

  • 10 minute introductory video.
  • Learn the risk factors that lead to work-related pain in dentistry
  • Discover the 5 types of microtrauma that occur in your body every day in the operatory


  • Dental Stools & Low Back Pain video course - 1 CEU. Learn how to select and adjust a dental stool that fits YOUR body type. Discover therapies & exercises to prevent low back pain.
  • Positioning for Success in Dentistry video course - 2 CEUs. Prevent back, neck & shoulder pain with proper positioning & use of positioning aids.  Learn a 10-step sequence to position patients, including pedo, difficult & geriatric patients!  
  • Dentistry Shouldn't be a Pain in the Neck video course - 2 CEUs. Learn how to select loupes that prevent neck pain, plus ergonomic & therapy interventions to prevent neck & shoulder pain.
  • Getting the Upper Hand on Pain video course - 1 CEU  COMING in April 2022.  This course will automatically be added to all WellBody Systems purchased since Jan 2019.
  • Dr. Valachi's Dental Equipment Recommendations. Find specific brands of stools, loupes, deliveries, chairs, with hyperlinks to vendors’ websites.


  • Manage Stress & Relieve Your Pain video course -1 CEU.
  • Corrective breathing exercise to prevent low back, neck and sacro-iliac pain
  • evidence-based stress interventions to down-regulate the sympathetic nervous system in the operatory
  • 4 proven strategies to manage stress outside the operatory.


  • Treat & Beat Your Myofascial Pain video course - 1 CEU. 
  • Learn what research shows are the most effective therapies for various pain syndromes: hand, neck, joint, myofascial, knee, low back, thumb, & more!
  • Learn how to self-treat & manage the 11 key trigger points that cause the most pain among dental professionals.
  • List of 'Best Healthcare Professionals to treat Team Members' (with hyperlinks to websites)
  • Backnobber self-treatment tool and trigger point ball.


  • Chairside Stretching video course - 1 CEU. 
  • Implement 20 chairside stretches to address painful muscle ischemia & imbalance.
  • Learn what movements in the operatory cause pain in certain muscles.
  • 3 laminated Wall Charts, plus stretching Stretching Instruction Manual


  • Home Exercise for Dental Professionals video course - 2 CEUs. 
  • Learn why dental professionals require specific exercises.
  • Implement an evidence-based exercise routine developed specifically for dental professionals to correct painful muscle imbalances.
  • Each exercise has a specific application to your movement in the operatory.
  • Learn which exercises, gym machines and generic exercise regimens can worsen your muscle imbalances and cause pain.
  • 2 elastic Exercise Bands; TheraBand Door Anchor; Exercise Cue Card; Exercise Instruction Manual.


COVID, Heavy PPE and Your Health webinar

  • COVID, Heavy PPE & Your Health webinar - 1 CEU.
  • Discover which types of exercise boost your immune system & which types suppress it!
  • Learn how heavy PPE can lead to headaches, fatigue & dehydration and easy interventions.
  • Learn the 6 food supplements shown in recent research to target & fight COVID-19.


20 Whitepapers

  • A goldmine of supplemental information for dental professionals - only available with the purchase of the WellBody System, including:
  • Thumb & Wrist Pain;  Hip Pain;  Headaches;   Computer Technology in the Operatory;  Driving Ergonomics;  Upper Back Pain; Exercises That can Worsen Dental Professionals' Health;  Women Dental Professionals' Pain Syndromes;  Golf, Dentists & Low Back Pain;  Delivery System Ergonomics;  Patient Chair Selection;  Correctional Exercises for Swimmers, Bicyclists & Kayakers & MORE!

The Silver Wellbody System Comes With all The Above...
But What if You Need More?

Bethany offers two additional levels of access that include personalized consultations, access for your entire team and much more!


With individualized support from Dr. Valachi

  • Includes Silver Package
  • 1 hour Individual
    Virtual Coaching session 
  •  Photogrammetric analysis of posture with equipment
  • Consultation Report with customized recommendations
  • 30 minute follow-up coaching session. 
  • BONUS: Free access to ALL webinars!

Dental ergonomic & wellness training for your entire dental team!

  • Includes Gold Package
  • Doctor plus 3 staff (40 CEUs)General Office Virtual Coaching session with report & 30 min. follow-up
  • Easily add on team members as needed! 
  • BONUS: Access to all live & recorded webinars for entire staff.
  • BONUS: Front office & Assistant ergonomics video training courses

The content alone in the Wellbody System for Dental Professionals is valued at over $2500!

THE WELLBODY SYSTEM IS Brought to you by

Dr. Bethany Valachi

The Original Dental Ergonomics Expert

THE WELLBODY SYSTEM IS Brought to you by

Dr. Bethany Valachi

The Original Dental Ergonomics Expert

Internationally recognized as a dental ergonomics expert, Bethany is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, author of "Practice Dentistry Pain-free" and Ergonomics Instructor at OHSU School of Dentistry. She has created evidence-based, unbiased dental ergonomic education to help YOU prevent pain and extend your career.

“This online Wellness System helps begin training that can add years to your career and allow you to care for your patients optimally. Buying this program could be the most important investment you make in your career. Start now to turn your life around.

- Dr. Kenneth Cohn, MD, FACS, CEO Healthcare Collaboration

Not Knowing What I Didn’t Know….

After watching Dr. Valachi describe some of the “hot spots” for dentists I found myself nodding my head in agreement. My eyes were opened when I started hearing her describe some of the exercises OK for most people but that can be risky for dentists because of the strain many of us already exhibit in typical muscle groups due to the nature of our business. I have already adjusted my exercise plan to include more of what I need, am feeling a difference, and am excited to continue through the rest of Dr. Valachi’s WellBody System. Thank you for sharing your expertise with me.

Scott Brinton DDS, Colorado Springs, CO

An Excellent Resource

Dr Bethany Valachi’s WellBody System video course was the answer to reducing upper back pain. Her resources are of great help and of paramount importance for a successful healthy dental career.

Ushaina Fanibunda, Endodontist, Mumbai, India

Best Exercises Targeted For Dental Professionals

After 20 years as a general dentist I developed chronic back pain, which drained my energy and desire to practice. From Dr. Valachi’s video courses, I learned that I had actually increased my pain and muscle imbalances with weight lifting that I had assumed would benefit me. I have also incorporated some of her ergonomic suggestions into practice, and I no longer have chronic back pain. Dr. Valachi understands specifically what dental professionals need for preventing pain.

Kim Pryzgoda, DDS, Fayetteville, NC

No Pain Since Starting Your Routine

I ordered your complete ergonomics package and everything has been extremely helpful. I have no pain anymore since starting your routine.

Greg Dearing, DDS, Thornton, PA

I Feel Better

I have been an RDH for over 28 years…neck pain and shoulder pain have been the norm. Countless hours of massage and chiropractor visits, only to have the pain eventually return. Since incorporating the WellBody System strategies into my work, I have not had the neck and shoulder pain that I normally get. Thanks to Dr. Valachi I now believe I won’t have to retire earlier that I thought. Worth every penny!!

Deb, RDH

Imagine what it would be like to...

  • Wake up pain-free every morning
  • Never worry about missing another day of work
  • Stop visiting your Chiropractor or Doctor every month
  • Save thousands of dollars on equipment and treatments each year
  • Know your body is fit and healthy for each day in the operatory
  • Reverse damage to your body from years of working with patients

now stop imagining because the wellbody system for dental professionals can accomplish all this and more!

Don't wait any longer! Invest in your health with this system-your body will thank you! I struggled with chronic neck issues for 20 years and saw countless doctors & therapists along the way. None of them understood a dental clinician's operatory or movement. I was always working out to try to fix the problem - but ended up making it worse. 

The benefits of this system were immediate! So many specific exercises, positioning, & equipment recommendations for instant relief. Finally someone understood my struggles and had answers..and the research and experience to stand behind it.  Seriously, so much more value than I had even hoped will be more productive at your dental office and at home.

Sara Hoover, RDH


WellBody System



A self-guided method for ergonomic success

Dentist: $695*  

Hygienist: $525* 

A $2,700 Value!

*Price includes ALL physical products below. Save $100 by selecting 'No Physical Products' upon checkout.
  • 5-module online video training series with instant access as described above.
  • Easy online tests worth 12 CEUs
  • BONUS: Access to Dr. Valachi’s proprietary list of Recommended Dental Ergonomic Equipment
  • BONUS: List of Dr. Valachi's recommended Best Healthcare Professionals to Treat Team Members (with hyperlinks to websites)
  • BONUS: Dr. Valachi’s 20 Specialty White Papers: Exercises to avoid; OA of thumb; hip pain; hand/wrist pain; headaches; driving ergonomics; upper back pain; women dental professionals' pain syndromes; golf; swimming; kayaking & MORE!
  • Dr. Valachi's Book: "Practice Dentistry Pain-free"
  • Backnobber trigger point tool & ball
  • Chairside Stretching manual
  • 3 laminated stretching wall charts
  • Home Exercise laminated cue card
  • Home Exercise manual
  • 2 exercise bands & door anchor
  • Exercise Ball (optional add-on) 

Dental ergonomic & wellness training  for your entire dental team!


$14,500 Value!

  • Includes Gold Package
  • Doctor plus 3 staff (40 CEUs) 
  •  1 ½ hour General Office Virtual Coaching session.  Includes ergonomic assessment of office and ergonomic recommendations for participating staff. Detailed report and 30 min. follow-up
  • List of recommended ergonomic products for front office & assistants
  • Exercise products for all 4 team members
  •  Easily add on extra team members: $400/Doctor/RDH;  $300 CDA;  $200 Front Office.
  • BONUS: Access to all live & recorded webinars for entire staff.
  • BONUS: Front office ergonomics training 
  • BONUS: Assistant ergonomics training 

All WellBody System Purchases are protected by a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee*

If you don't think that the WellBody System is the best dental ergonomic education you've used then we'll refund your purchase price within 30 days of your purchase.

*30 Day Money Back Guarantee is null after any CE tests or consultations are completed, and/or after the completion or viewing of 2 lessons.

Join others who have had phenomenal results from using the evidence-based, research-backed ergonomic methods taught in the WellBody System for Dental Professionals

An Excellent Resource...

“Dr. Bethany's exercise program was the answer to reducing upper back pain. I have vastly benefited from the WellBody System. Her resources are of great help and of paramount importance for a successful healthy dental career.“
- Ushaina Fanibunda

“I have been a dental hygienist for 44 years. I wish this information had been available a long time ago. I have learned so much and only hope I can correct some of the bad habits I have acquired. I found the information to be very helpful, thought out and thorough.“
- Dona Poole, RDH

"Turns out my normal exercise routine has been simply exacerbating my neck and shoulder pain. After a short time on Bethany’s new program of muscle endurance exercises and stretching, I already see marked improvement.

My only regret is that I did not find this information sooner."
- Bard Levey, DDS

Saved my Career...

“Several years ago I had so much constant pain in my neck that I seriously considered retiring years before I expected. I tried physical therapists, massage, stretches, etc. It helped, but I was still constantly in pain. Then I heard about Dr. Valachi and had a personal consultation. She made many recommendations including equipment changes, ergonomic changes in the office and home, and appropriate stretches and strengthening exercises. I now live pain free and still enjoy doing dentistry. Her new materials cover even more information than when I first worked with her. Do yourself a big favor and use her materials and/or consultation to increase your professional and personal longevity and enjoyment.“
- Steve Kuennemeier

“A well presented, evidenced based, comprehensive collection of actionable information. Just with the stretching and exercise program, I’m feeling better every day. There is hope for those in pain.“
- Spiro Kanatselis

You don't have to work in pain any longer

The WellBody System gives you the tools, knowledge and a proven method to reduce pain and extend your dental career - your neck, back and body will thank you!

Course Title: The Valachi WellBody System for Dental Professionals

Course Description:

Learn the essential techniques to optimally utilize and adjust your ergonomic stools, loupes and patient chairs to work more comfortably and productively. Special guidelines to position the patient for upper versus lower arches, various tooth surfaces, adjustment of different headrest styles, and use of positioning aids are also introduced.

Course Objectives

  • Resolve ergonomic problems in the operatory to prevent back, neck, shoulder, hand and wrist pain.
  • Manage your stress by down-regulating your sympathetic nervous system.
  • Self-treat painful myofascial tension & trigger points. Find the ‘right’ healthcare practitioner to help resolve your pain.
  • Implement chairside stretching to correct muscle imbalances.
  • Perform specific strengthening exercises proven to prevent neck, back, shoulder and hand pain.

CE credits: 10

AGD PACE test: Available immediately online

Refund: Full refund within 30 days with receipt

Program Provider: Posturedontics, LLC

Instructor: Dr. Bethany Valachi, PT, DPT, MS, CEAS;  Clinical Instructor of Ergonomics, OHSU School of Dentistry, Portland, OR

Support/Questions: or 503.291.5121

Technology Requirements: Computer (recommended), tablet, or smartphone and an internet connection

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