Prevent Pain, Boost Productivity and Extend Your Dental Career with Evidence-based Ergonomics!

Dr. Bethany Valachi

The Original Dental Ergonomics Expert

Internationally recognized as a dental ergonomics expert, Bethany is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, author of "Practice Dentistry Pain-free" and Ergonomics Instructor at OHSU School of Dentistry. She has created evidence-based, unbiased dental ergonomic education to help YOU prevent pain and extend your career.

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Are you throwing away your money & time on...

  • Non-ergonomic dental equipment
  • Poor positioning techniques
  • Improper exercises resulting in more damage

Research shows specific interventions are most effective when performed in a distinct sequence. Bethany's evidence-based eBook, 5 Steps to Practicing Dentistry Pain-Free” reveals how to eliminate pain, boost productivity and improve your well-being!


WellBody System


This Evidence-Based Video Training Series Could Save Your Career!

COVID-19, more PPE and mental stress can amplify your work-related pain, leading to headaches, fatigue, decreased productivity, worker’s comp or early retirement. The Valachi WellBody System for Dental Professionals is the best solution to resolving these issues so you can rejuvenate your love of dentistry while working pain-free! 

Easy-to-implement  |  Videos stream on any device

INSTANT access  |  Earn 10 CEUs

How one dentist’s pain lead to a worldwide transformation in dental ergonomic education.

If you're ready to revitalize your health and dental practice, click the button to learn more about the Wellbody System for Dental Professionals.

Posturedontics® Has Helped Thousands Beat Pain

See What They Have to say!

You Need to Incorporate this Information

I teach ergonomics to freshman dental students and will definitely incorporate this information into our preclinical curriculum. Excellent course, very thorough, great presenter!

Sharon Cooper, RDH, M.S.Ed, University of Florida College of Dentistry

Well Body System — a great investment!

Don’t wait any longer-invest in your health with this system-your body will thank you! I struggled with chronic neck issues as a hygienist for 20 years and saw countless chiropractors, sports medicine/PT, had massages along the way. They didn’t understand a dental clinician’s operatory or movement. I was always working-out trying to fix the problem but ended up making it worse. The benefits were immediate with the WellBody System. I couldn’t believe the very specific exercises and adjustments I could change for instant relief. Finally someone understood my struggles and had answers..and the research and experience to stand behind it. So much more value than I had even hoped for…you will be more productive at your dental office and at home.

Sarah Hoover, RDH

Education That Can Add Years to Your Career

This exercise program contains training that can add years to your career and allow you to care for your patients optimally. Buying this program could be the most important investment you make in your career.

Dr. Kenneth Cohn, MD, FACS, CEO Healthcare Collaboration

A Practical and Useful Course

In 25 years of hygiene practice, this is the most practical useful course I’ve ever taken.

Christine Jo Ernest, RDH Baltimore, MD

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