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Solving Work Related Pain in Dentistry


Recognized internationally as a dental ergonomics expert, Dr. Valachi has helped thousands of dental professionals prevent pain and extend their careers with her engaging, evidence-based seminars.

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Dr. Valachi’s book, articles, and DVDs contain a plethora of relevant and research-based information to enable dental professionals to easily implement ergonomic and wellness strategies to improve their health & reduce pain.

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Are you or your team experiencing pain, need individualized recommendations, or purchasing new equipment? Dr. Valachi is here to help with customized Virtual Coaching Sessions and In-Office Consultations.

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Do you think pain is a necessary by-product of dentistry?

Pain CAN be controlled with correct evidence-based interventions!

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Do you have muscle imbalances?

Dental professionals are prone to a unique, painful muscle imbalance unlike other professionals. Generic exercise regimens (personal trainers, P90X, CrossFit) can worsen this imbalance and throw you into the vicious pain cycle!

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Are your loupes CAUSING PAIN?

Dr. Valachi's doctorate research focused on dental loupes and neck pain. Most loupes on the market do not keep the head in a position that studies show prevents neck pain.

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Equipment Top Picks

Discover which loupes, stools, chairs, lights, instruments and more meet Dr. Valachi's ergonomic criteria to help improve comfort and extend careers!

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Dr. Farran Interviews Bethany

Dr. Howard Farran of DentalTown interviews Dr. Valachi

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We've Helped Thousands Beat Pain

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“We received nothing but the highest evaluation marks on your presentation and are looking forward to your return. You make us ‘shine’!!”

-Gwen Melton, Meeting Planner, Western Regional Dental Conference

Amazing Knowledge


I was amazed at Bethany’s knowledge on operative microscopes and ways to make economical ergonomic modifications to them. She received the longest ovation of any speaker for our dental society. In addition, our translators greatly appreciated her articulate & concise delivery.

-Jean Pierre-Siquet, Endodontist, Meeting Planner, Brussels, Belgium

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Dr. Bethany Valachi

Beat Pain and Extend Your Career

Dr. Bethany Valachi has helped thousands of dental professionals for over 20 years, and is recognized internationally as an expert in dental ergonomics. Let Dr. Valachi help you work pain-free and take back your practice!

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