Solving Work Related Pain in Dentistry


Dr. Valachi’s education consistently receives outstanding evaluations.

Her lectures and online video training are popular worldwide.

Loupes that don’t cause neck pain.


I read your article in the ADA journal about declination angle for loupes, and have used (brand X) barrel-type loupes for a ‘hundred years’ with nagging neck pain. I switched to Surgitel flip-ups and my neck pain is MUCH better, so I’m thrilled. Thank you!

-John Highsmith, DDS, LVI Clinical Instructor, Clyde, NC

Outstanding Lecture


“I have had no back pain since your lecture for our dental society. I can’t tell you the number of congratulations I received for your seminar.”
-Christopher Smith, DDS, Meeting Planner, Manhattan, KS

-Chris Smith

She Wows the Audience and Her Peers


Bethany showcased at our annual Speaking/Consulting Network Meeting and wowed the audience and her peers with her presentation. If you wish to hire a speaker who makes the meeting planner look good, this is the one.

-Linda Miles, CEO, Virginia Beach, VA

Valuable Help


I believe that the help I’ve received from you has been more valuable than any of the other help I’ve received in my quest to be fit and pain-free.

-Chuck Tannenbaum, DDS, McHenry, IL

The Most Beneficial Course I’ve Ever Taken!!!


This was the most beneficial course I have ever taken and should be part of the dental hygiene curriculum.

-Eva Slatkin, RDH, Baltimore, MD



Your presentation was excellent.

-Ron Jawor, DDS, Academy of Orthodontic Excellence

My muscles are improving!


My muscles in the upper shoulder/neck area are improved. THANK YOU for spreading the word on this, it should be in every dental and dental hygiene school.

-Lynn Gardiner, RDH. Milwaukee, WI

A Very Educational Course


By far the most educational and career related course on ergonomics I have yet to attend. Thank you.

-Western Society of Periodontology attendee

No More Back Pain


I have had no back pain since your lecture for our dental society. I can’t tell you the number of congratulations I received for your seminar.

-Christopher Smith, DDS, Meeting Planner, Manhattan, KS

Education That Can Add Years to Your Career


This exercise program contains training that can add years to your career and allow you to care for your patients optimally. Buying this program could be the most important investment you make in your career.

-Dr. Kenneth Cohn, MD, FACS, CEO Healthcare Collaboration

The Only Program that Helped My Chronic Back Problems


In 30 years of assisting, this is the only program that will help with my chronic back problems.

-Dawn Opitz, CDA, Tampa, FL

Dr. Bethany Valachi Understands Us


Someone understands us! Can’t wait to put this information to work.

-Kelley Agnew, RDH, Spokane, WA

Feeling Better and Better


Still feeling better and better….thanks to your lecture. It is a great thing not to be in pain every day. I believe you are spot-on with your program.

-Gary Williams, DDS, Houston, TX

To a Long Career


Bethany, thank you for a fantastic program. This is something that none of us are really exposed to in dental school yet is so critical to a long career.

-Richard Rasmussen, DDS, Periodontist, Tampa, FL

You Are A Blessing!


I’m already using the stretching and exercise methods. You are a blessing to dentistry!

-Dale Greer, DDS, FAGD, FICD, Dallas, TX



Outstanding presentation—the feedback has been very positive.

-Jim Abblitt, DMD, Program chair, Western Society of Periodontology, Scottsdale, AZ

So Many Helpful Tips


Best lecture at Midwinter in years!!! Many helpful tips I can apply every day.

-Chicago Midwinter Attendee

Dr. Bethany Valachi is a Genius


You are a genius! After suffering with headaches, neckaches, mandibular muscle pain and inner ear pain, I found that following your advice and treating the trigger points in my left upper trapezius staved off the pain. You explained this so well—the information was truly a blessing to me.

-Janice Musacchia, RDH

Excellent Lecture


Thank you for an excellent lecture. Yesterday was the first day in months that I have come home from work without pain!

-Eimear Mithen, RDH, Killrney, Ireland



I am a 53-year-old Dentist, in private practice for over 26 years. I’m also a distance biker, swimmer, and formally a power lifter. As many of you reading this know, dentistry gets harder after you’ve been doing it for 20+ years… Not technically, but physically.

Turns out my normal exercise routine has been simply exacerbating my neck and shoulder pain. After a short time on Bethany’s new program of muscle endurance exercises and stretching, I already see marked improvement.

My only regret is that I did not find this information sooner.

-Bard Levey

A Must for Any Dental Professional


With tips on making one’s dental practice more comfortable for oneself so that one’s body isn’t worn out before the Dentist’s mind, “Practice Dentistry Pain-Free” is a must for any dental professional who cares about more than their patient’s teeth.

-Midwest Book Review - Oregon, WI

The Missing Piece to Any Dental Practice


This updated DVD is for anyone with a proactive desire to remain healthy through and beyond their dental career. This should be an integral part of every dental school program, as well as every dental practice! Prevention of injuries in dentistry flies under the radar for most of us, until we have pain, and then it is an uphill battle. In spite of yoga, massage and chiropractors I still had pain until I got this DVD. Posturedontics was the missing piece!

-Dorothy Davis, RDH Portland, OR

Thanks for Making Us Shine!!


“We received nothing but the highest evaluation marks on your presentation and are looking forward to your return. You make us ‘shine’!!”

-Gwen Melton, Meeting Planner, Western Regional Dental Conference

Thank You!


Your course has saved & extended my dental career. Rather than undergo surgery, I decided to take your seminar. Your advice has been golden. Thank you! Thank you!

-Page Barton, DDS, Lansing, KS

You Need to Incorporate this Information


I teach ergonomics to freshman dental students and will definitely incorporate this information into our preclinical curriculum. Excellent course, very thorough, great presenter!

-Sharon Cooper, RDH, M.S.Ed, University of Florida College of Dentistry

I wish I had this course 20 years ago.


I wish I had this course 20 years ago. One of the most important courses I’ve ever attended.

-Janet Grobe, DDS, Houston, TX

A Practical and Useful Course


In 25 years of hygiene practice, this is the most practical useful course I’ve ever taken.

-Christine Jo Ernest, RDH Baltimore, MD

My muscles are improving!


My muscles in the upper shoulder/neck area are improved. THANK YOU for spreading the word on this, it should be in every dental and dental hygiene school.

-Lynn Gardiner, RDH. Milwaukee, WI

Everyone in dentistry should take this course.


This seminar had more practical advice than any previous course at this conference. Everyone in dentistry should take this course.

-Holiday Dental Conference Attendee

Excellent Lecture!


Excellent lecture! The speaker was full of information to help in and out of the operatory and presented it in a fun and interesting way.

-Brenda Dixon, RDH, Edmonds, WA

Excellent and Humorous Lecture


Your energetic lecture delivered with humor and honesty was excellent.

-Mary Wilson, Meeting Planner, Upper Island Dental Society, British Columbia

Your book is great!


Your book is great! I bought another one for my hygienist as a Christmas present. Thank you!

-Dr. Purev, DDS, St. Louis Park, MN

Finally, something that helps!!


I started doing the exercises and have been noticing improvement in less than 1 week. In physical therapy they were having me do just about all the exercises you recommend that dentists should avoid. Now I can understand why the exercises were so painful. Finally, something that helps!!

-Cheryl Mitchell-McCarthy, RDH

No Pain Since Starting Your Routine


I ordered your complete ergonomics package and everything has been extremely helpful. I have no pain anymore since starting your routine.

-Greg Dearing, DDS, Thornton, PA

A Relevant and Useful Lecture


This was one of the most relevant and well received lectures in our 7 years as a study club. Bethany took a potentially dry topic and made it entertaining, educational, and practical. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!

-David W. Engen, DDS, MSD, Diplomate, American Board of Periodontology

Can’t Stop Reading


I received your book today and can’t stop reading it. I like it and find it very helpful—thank you again!

-Peter Faluhelyi, Dentist, Budapest, Hungary

Should be Taught in All Dental Schools.


This information should be taught in all the dental schools.

-Robert Micham, DMD, Spokane, WA

Amazing Knowledge


I was amazed at Bethany’s knowledge on operative microscopes and ways to make economical ergonomic modifications to them. She received the longest ovation of any speaker for our dental society. In addition, our translators greatly appreciated her articulate & concise delivery.

-Jean Pierre-Siquet, Endodontist, Meeting Planner, Brussels, Belgium

Adjusted Posture and Positions Bring Success


Ever since attending your lecture at the Jamaica Dental Conference this year, I have adjusted my posture and seating positions with much positive success! It is all very much appreciated.

-Yunus Ibrahim, Bsc, DDS, Jamaica

A Consultation that Changes Lives


I recently had a valuable ergonomic consultation with Bethany. She brings information to dentists that no other speaker at the ADA Annual Convention has imparted. Her information can change lives, decrease pain, increase longevity of careers and more.

-Dave McMillan, DDS, Layton, UT

Thank you so very much!!!


Thanks to your recommendations, I am now working with absolutely no pain and production is up 50% over what I was doing 2 years ago.” Thank you so very much!!

-Stephen Kuennemeier, DDS, Cincinnati, OH

Information You Can Use Immediately


It is rare to attend a lecture that provides a lot of information that you can use immediately that is well delivered and have fun at the same time.

-Ross Pross, DDS, Tampa, FL

It’s About Time!


Great course content, excellent instructor. It’s about time! This information has been badly needed in dentistry. Finally someone has pulled it all together.

-Allan Tronset, DDS, Seattle, WA



Your presentation was excellent.

-Ron Jawor, DDS, Academy of Orthodontic Excellence

My Back is Pain Free


Since I instituted Bethany’s recommendations, my back has been pain-free. I now feel I could practice comfortably for many more years.

-Timothy Welch, MD, DDS, Eugene, OR

My lower back issues have disappeared!


I attended your seminar a few years ago in Tunica, MS. It was very helpful! I was unaware of the many aspects of ergonomics at the time and early adopted many of your recommendations. My lower back issues have disappeared.

-John A. Smith, DDS Greenwood, MS

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