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 by Alexandria Hammond

I love the WellBody System video training series - it has helped my body be able to practice dentistry pain free!

 by Kathleen Flint
Posturedontics/Dental Ergonomics

Dr. Valachi takes this course and breaks it down into modules. She breaks it up into ergonomics, stress and pain relief, stretching, and strengthening. She discusses which loupes she recommends and the list goes on. I am so happy I invested in my health. I have been a hygienist for 30 years, and I have a lot of aches and pains in my neck and back related to the op. Great investment

 by Alyssa
Worth it

I've had pain since almost day 1 of my hygiene career. Dr Valachi's book has become like a bible to me with so much great information, and now with her new and improved online platform the material is that much easier to soak in. I love that there is a stress management lecture as well, because I think that is so important to consider when it comes to pain. Her knowledge is career changing and definitely can help extend your dental career!

 by Deb
Feel better

I have been an RDH for over 28 years...neck pain and shoulder pain have been my normal lately. Countless hours of deep tissue massage and chiropractor visits, not to mention money spent, only to keep things at bay. Had been doing the Well body system during the "stay at Home" orders. Started back to work on May 11, trying to implement what I have learned with the equipment I have in my operatory. Doing the best I can with what I have currently, I have not had the neck and shoulder pain that I normally get. Just need to get a new stool to try.
Thanks to Dr. Valachi I now believe I won't have to retire earlier that I thought. Worth every penny!!

 by Kim Pryzgoda, DDS
Best exercises targeted for Dental professionals

After 20 years as a general dentist I developed chronic back pain, which drained my energy and desire to practice. I heard one of Dr. Valachi’s lectures and was so impressed by her knowledge of pain syndromes specific to dentists. I ordered her book and exercise videos, and made them my baseline for safe exercise. I learned that I had actually increased my pain and muscle imbalances with weight lifting that I had assumed would benefit me. I have also incorporated some of her ergonomic suggestions into practice, and I no longer have chronic back pain. Unfortunately, our profession will always struggle with muscle damage. I find myself continually referring to Dr. Valachi’s materials when I develop pain. I’ve tried yoga, massage, chiropractic treatment, acupuncture and a local PT. But I always refer back to Posturedontics because Dr. Valachi understands specifically what dental professionals need.

 by Ushaina Fanibunda
An excellent resource

Dr Bethany Velachi's exercise program was the answer to reducing upper back pain. I have vastly benefited from the WellBody System. Her resources are of great help and of paramount importance for a successful healthy dental career.

 by Steve Kuennemeier
Saved my career

Several years ago I had so much constant pain in my neck that I seriously considered retiring years before I expected. I tried physical therapists, massage, stretches, etc. It helped, but I was still constantly in pain. Then I heard about Dr. Valachi and had a personal consultation. She made many recommendations including equipment changes, ergonomic changes in the office and home, and appropriate stretches and strengthening exercises. I now live pain free and still enjoy doing dentistry. Her new materials cover even more information than when I first worked with her. Do yourself a big favor and use her materials and/or consultation to increase your professional and personal longevity and enjoyment.

 by Heidi, RDH

The WellBody System is something I found about a year ago and am so happy I did. Dr. Valachi has been so helpful with her educational videos and recommendations. I am so much more aware of my actions and positions during my work day thanks to her. I really don't have much pain anymore but when I do get some kinks here and there, I know how to treat them much better. I do workout regularly and have learned to modify my routines/weights when I do feel a bit of pain. I used to push through it but now I realize how stupid that was! Dr. Valachi is excellent at what she does and I am so thankful for her sharing her knowledge!

 by Lhauni

I am excited to work through the modules and the exercises to relieve the stress in my neck and shoulder.

 by Loretta

I really appreciate the exercises and stretches taught in Dr. Valachi’s online class. As I have worked many years in the dental profession, I also had many visits to the physical therapist for neck, back and tendonitis issues. I wish I had taken Dr. Valachi’s course sooner, so I could have prevented the injuries.

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