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Solving Work Related Pain in Dentistry

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Recognized internationally as a dental ergonomics expert, Dr. Bethany Valachi, PT, DPT, MS, CEAS has provided over 700 lectures worldwide.  She is Clinical Instructor of Ergonomics at OHSU School of Dentistry and Ergonomics Editor for Dental Products Report magazine.  For over 20 years, Dr. Valachi evidence-based ergonomic education has helped busy dental professionals work more comfortably, increase productivity, prevent pain, improve their quality of life and extend their careers. As a doctor of physical therapy and certified ergonomic assessment specialist married to a dentist, she brings a unique blend of skills to her audiences.  Her dynamic and engaging seminars captivate audiences by weaving research-based ergonomic interventions with humor, audience participation, real-life stories and demonstrations.

If you wish to hire a speaker who makes the meeting planner look good, this is the one.”
-Linda Miles, CEO, Virginia Beach, VA


Program Descriptions

“Practice Dentistry Pain-Free: Evidence-based Strategies for a Long & Healthy Career”

(1/2 day lecture.  Designed to be followed by “Fitness 101” lecture for a full day program.) 

This is Dr. Valachi’s most requested program for the entire dental team, or for dentists/specialists only.  In this dynamic, interactive lecture, Dr. Valachi reveals groundbreaking ergonomic strategies to help team members avoid pain and boost productivity:  proper equipment selection & adjustment, correct patient positioning, movement in the operatory, use of ergonomic positioning aids, and more.  Dr. Valachi also offers a modified version of this lecture for states that do not normally provide CE credits for ergonomic courses.  

Click here for detailed course synopsis.   Contact Dr. Valachi to schedule this popular lecture.

“Great course content, excellent instructor. It’s about time! This information has been badly needed in dentistry. Finally someone has pulled it all together.”
-Allan Tronset, DDS, Seattle, WA


“Fitness 101 for Dental Professionals: Secrets for Comfort & Career Longevity”

(1/2 day lecture. The perfect course to follow the “Practice Dentistry Pain-Free” lecture or any other 1/2 day course) 

Dr. Bethany Valachi describes why dental professionals are prone to painful muscle imbalances and require special exercise and pain management techniques to avoid pain syndromes, injury or even early retirement. The audience actively participate in chairside stretching, postural exercise and trigger point discovery in this engaging lecture, delivered with energy and humor.  Attendees leave with knowledge they can apply immediately to improve their overall health.

Click here for detailed course synopsis.   Contact Dr. Valachi to schedule this lecture.

“I have had no back pain since your lecture for our dental society. I can’t tell you the number of congratulations I received for your seminar.” 
-Christopher Smith, DDS, Meeting Planner, Manhattan, KS

“Hygiene Shouldn’t Be a Pain in the Neck”

(1/2 day lecture specifically developed for the ergonomic & wellness needs of hygienists.  Add “Fitness 101” for a full day lecture.)  

A staggering 80% of hygienists who retire early are forced to, due to work-related pain.  Hygienists are highly prone to neck, shoulder and hand/wrist pain.  This lecture delves into the etiology of these pain syndromes and offers easy-to-implement ergonomic interventions, including equipment selection, adjustment, movement and positioning techniques.  Techniques to self-manage painful flare-ups are introduced, so hygienists can prevent the progression to chronic pain or injury.

Click here for detailed course synopsis.   Contact Dr. Valachi to schedule this lecture.

“Thank you for an excellent lecture. Yesterday was the first day in months that I have come home from work without pain!”
-Eimear Mithen, RDH, Killarney, Ireland

“Demystifying Pain among Women in Dentistry: Essential Ergonomic & Wellness Guidelines”

(1/2 day lecture specifically catered to the needs of your intended audience)   

Female dental professionals experience a much higher prevalence and severity of occupational pain than their male counterparts, with the most problematic areas occurring in the neck, shoulders, hip, hand, and wrist.  Through lecture, demonstration and participation, women dental professionals will discover the unique muscle imbalances to which they are prone and will learn gender-specific ergonomic interventions and equipment selection guidelines.  Women will learn self-treatment and exercise guidelines to prevent and manage specific pain syndromes including trapezius myalgia, osteoarthritis of the thumb, DeQuervains syndrome, carpal tunnel, hip pain, tension neck syndrome & frozen shoulder.

Click here for detailed course synopsis.   Contact Dr. Valachi to schedule this lecture.

“Scopes, Scalers & Saddle Stools: Are they Improving or Worsening Your Health?”

(2 hour lecture)  Well-chosen ergonomic equipment can dramatically improve your health, however poor equipment or adjustment can actually create or worsen pain!  Based on the latest research, this engaging and interactive seminar will examine how today’s most prominent dental ergonomic products impact your health: loupes, microscopes, chairs, delivery systems, stools, hand instruments, HVE systems, extraction tools, lighting systems and much, much more.  Attendees will learn how to determine the most appropriate delivery systems and stools for operatories, identify the 3 essential ergonomic criteria for selecting dental loupes and discover how to make economical ergonomic modifications to the operatory with minimal expense.

Click here for detailed course synopsis.   Contact Dr. Valachi to schedule this lecture.

For Dental & Hygiene Schools

“Neck, Back & Beyond” Lecture & “Positioning for Success” Practicum

(Full day: 1/2 day Lecture and 1/2 day Practicum)

The program is recommended for all dental or hygiene students in all years of school, as well as faculty.

This 1/2 day lecture for students and faculty will fuse current research in dental ergonomics, biomechanics, kinesiology and anatomy to address the etiology of the most common musculoskeletal disorders in dentistry and prevention strategies. In the afternoon, a hands-on practicum will provide students with the opportunity to re-inforce and practice the lecture material.

Click here for detailed course synopsis.   Contact Dr. Valachi to schedule this lecture/practicum.

Dr. Valachi also offers special lectures for endodontists, front office and dental assistants.

Past Lecture Highlights

Bethany provided over 700 dental meetings, universities, associations and study clubs internationally, including:

  • International Dental Ergonomics Congress (Krakow, Poland)
  • Asia Pacific Dental Congress ( Dubai, UAE)
  • Irish Dental Association
  • Jamaica Dental Association
  • Belgian Endodontic Society
  • Chicago Midwinter Meeting
  • Hinman Dental Meeting
  • ADA Annual Session
  • Seattle Study Club Annual Symposium
  • Toronto Annual Winter Clinic
  • RDH Under One Roof
  • CDA Presents… Annual Session
  • Yankee Dental Congress
  • ADHA Annual Session
  • University of Alberta Dental School


Past Lectures
The International Dental Ergonomics Congress in Krakow, Poland
The Jamaica Dental Association with President, Dr. Oswald Dunn
The 2014 Asia Pacific Dental Conference in Dubai, UAE
Teaching stretches to an audience of 1,000 at the Hinman Dental Meeting
The Irish Dental Association Conference in Kilarney, Ireland
With her Flemish translator at the Belgian Endodontic Society in Brussels
Consistently recognized as a Leader in CE Dentistry Today magazine
Ergonomic practicums to faculty at NYU College of Dentistry

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Dr. Bethany Valachi has helped thousands of dental professionals for over 20 years, and is recognized internationally as an expert in dental ergonomics. Let Dr. Valachi help you work pain-free and take back your practice!

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