Solving Work Related Pain in Dentistry


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CE Video Training: Positioning for Success in Dentistry

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*This course is from Module 1, Lesson 3 of the Valachi WellBody System.

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Your first step to prevent work-related pain and ensure your career longevity in dentistry involves resolving ergonomic challenges in the operatory that compromise posture.

Learn Dr. Valachi’s evidence-based, proprietary 10-Step Positioning Sequence to ensure proper positioning of operator, patient, chair, stools, loupes, light, assistant, and delivery system–helping you work more comfortably and boosting productivity!

Team members will learn how to:

  • Identify ergonomic features on operator stools, patient chairs and positioning aids.
  • Properly adjust both ergonomic and non-ergonomic stools.
  • Utilize special positioning aids to improve patient tolerance to being reclined.
  • Special positioning techniques for pedo, geriatric and wheelchair populations.
  • Position patients in both flat and double articulating headrests.
  • Gain control of the occlusal plane for improved working posture.
  • Improve head posture by 15 degrees with a special exercise.
  • Retrofit non-ergonomic patient chairs.

BONUS!  Earn 2 CEUs with an easy online test. Scroll down to see AGD Pace course description.


Course Title: Positioning for Success in Dentistry: Essential Ergonomic Guidelines for the Dental Team

Course Description:

Learn the essential techniques to optimally utilize and adjust your ergonomic stools, loupes and patient chairs to work more comfortably and productively. Special guidelines to position the patient for upper versus lower arches, various tooth surfaces, adjustment of different headrest styles, and use of positioning aids are also introduced.

Course Objectives

  • Learn how to correctly position the patient for the upper arch vs. the lower arch
  • Discover the correct positioning for overhead lighting to minimize shadowing
  • Identify the correct clock position for treating various teeth and quadrants to preserve optimal posture
  • Avoid costly investment in non-ergonomic equipment
  • Correctly adjust operator and assistant stools for optimal posture.
  • Identify effective dental positioning aids that improve patient comfort and optimize operator posture.

CE Method: Online Course NEVER EXPIRES!

Video Length: 65 minutes + 45 minute practicum exercises

CE credits: 2

AGD PACE test: Available immediately online

Refund: Full refund within 30 days with receipt

Program Provider: Posturedontics, LLC

Instructor: Dr. Bethany Valachi, PT, DPT, MS, CEAS;  Clinical Instructor of Ergonomics, OHSU School of Dentistry, Portland, OR

Support/Questions: or 503.291.5121

Technology Requirements: Computer (recommended), tablet, or smartphone and an internet connection


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  1. frankcoffey

    Excellent course! Very helpful tips!

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