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Video Training: 2023 Guidelines for Selecting Dental Loupes

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*This video is not eligible for CE credits, but is included in the “Dentistry Shouldn’t be a Pain in the Neck” CE Course.

Updated course in 2023 to include Prismatic Deflection Loupes.  With so many companies claiming their loupes are ‘ergonomic’, shopping for loupes can be a confusing and frustrating experience.  The truth is, a majority of the loupes on the market do not keep your head within a safe postural range and can create neck pain.  Discover what research reveals to be the most important criteria in selecting truly ergonomic loupes.  This video could be the best investment you make in your dental career!    Dr. Valachi’s doctorate research focused on the impact of dental loupes on neck pain in dental professionals.  In this video, she delivers the essential ergonomic guidelines for loupe selection:

  • Learn how excessive forward neck flexion leads to neck pain
  • Learn the 3 essential criteria for selecting ergonomic loupes
  • Discover how to modify the TTL loupes you already own to make them more ergonomic
  • Learn the 2 styles of loupes that ensure you’ll have a safe working posture.
  • Differentiate the features of non-ergonomic versus ergonomic frame styles
  • Learn how to properly adjust flip-up loupes
  • Accurately measure your working distance to preserve optimal posture
  • Discover what shield shape and size is most ergonomic

2 reviews for Video Training: 2023 Guidelines for Selecting Dental Loupes

  1. Irv Schindler DDS (verified owner)

    The video was very good. I have been wearing loupes for probably 20 years and have recently been having neck issues. You don’t know what you don’t know. When I became aware of my obstructed vision when my head was in a more correct position, I went and bought new loupes that solved the problem.

  2. Andrea Faust RDH

    This video is so informative and succinct. ADEA really needs to consider a web course series with Dr. Valachi so Dental Educators can help their students in Loupe selection. This video really helps you become an informed consumer. Its such a shame we select very expensive equipment (that is supposed to improve our posture) based on “cosmetic” looks.

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