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Solving Work Related Pain in Dentistry


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UPGRADE your Old DVD Wellness System


For customers who purchased the Wellness System prior to January 2018. 

You can now UPGRADE your older Wellness System with DVDs to THE VALACHI WELLBODY SYSTEM with online streaming for only $79. Plus, you’ll receive the below NEW Video Courses, which are not included in the older Wellness System.

BY EMAIL, you’ll receive a link to ONLINE VIDEOS that NEVER EXPIRE:

  • NEW! Dental Stools & Low Back Pain (2 CEUs)
  • NEW! Dentistry Shouldn’t be a Pain in the Neck (2 CEUs)
  • NEW! Dr. Valachi’s 10-Step Patient Positioning Sequence (2 CEUs)
  • Ergonomic patient & operator positioning, chairs, stools, lights, & headrest videos
  • Stool selection and adjustment videos
  • 20 chairside stretching videos
  • Self-treatment of trigger points video
  • 24 exercise videos  (in 3 routines)
  • Electronic CE tests for each Module–earn 10 CEUs!


  • Dr. Valachi’s Do-It-Yourself Ergonomic Checklist
  • Dr. Valachi’s White Paper: “Exercises that dental professionals should avoid”
  • List of Healthcare Professionals to treat dental professionals (with hyperlinks to websites)
  • 1-hour Podcast, “Preventing Low Back Pain In Dentistry”

To receive the discounted Upgrade: A $200 DISCOUNT WILL BE APPLIED WHEN YOU CHECK OUT!  When checking out, under Coupon Code, enter the last 2 digits of each ISBN# from the back cover of your Practice Dentistry Pain-Free book, your Chairside Stretching DVD, and your Home Exercise DVD – in that order.  You will have 6 digits total: 0 X X X X 5.


Course Title: The Dental Ergonomic WellBody System 

Course Description:

Learn the essential techniques to optimally utilize and adjust your ergonomic stools, loupes and patient chairs to work more comfortably and productively. Special guidelines to position the patient for upper versus lower arches, various tooth surfaces, adjustment of different headrest styles, and use of positioning aids are also introduced.

Course Objectives

  • Resolve ergonomic problems in the operatory to prevent back, neck, shoulder, hand and wrist pain.
  • Manage your stress by down-regulating your sympathetic nervous system.
  • Self-treat painful myofascial tension & trigger points. Find the ‘right’ healthcare practitioner to help resolve your pain.
  • Implement chairside stretching to correct muscle imbalances.
  • Perform specific strengthening exercises proven to prevent neck, back, shoulder and hand pain.

CE Method: Online Course. Available till 12/31/2021

CE credits: 10

AGD PACE test: Available immediately online

Refund: Full refund within 30 days with receipt

Program Provider: Posturedontics, LLC

Instructor: Dr. Bethany Valachi, PT, DPT, MS, CEAS;  Clinical Instructor of Ergonomics, OHSU School of Dentistry, Portland, OR

Support/Questions: or 503.291.5121

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55cm, 65cm, 75cm, 85cm, No Ball, No Ball / Nobber, Upgrade-Enter ISBN#


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