Solving Work Related Pain in Dentistry

Why Dentists & Hygienists Require Specific Exercise

-Dr. Bethany Valachi-

Dental professionals are uniquely prone to muscle imbalances that are not a problem for the general population.  In this video, Dr. Valachi explains why dental professionals should target specific muscle groups with muscular endurance training and why certain generic exercise routines and gym machines can throw dental professionals into the vicious pain cycle!


Dr. Valachi developed a home exercise routine to correct these painful imbalances that can lead to MSDs or injury: Home Exercise for Dental Professionals   A fusion of evidence-based exercises for back pain, neck pain, yoga, physical therapy and Pilates, each exercise has a specific application in the dental operatory to prevent pain. Online courses can be accessed on any mobile device and never expire.

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Exercises that Can Worsen the Health of Dental Professionals!

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