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Virtual Consultation with FREE 1 Month Follow-up

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NOTE: The completion of MODULE 1 of  The WellBody System for Dental Professionals is highly recommended prior to your consultation.

For a fraction of the cost of a live In-Office Consultation, you can resolve ergonomic challenges in the operatory, boost productivity and optimize your health….all in the comfort of your own office!   In this comprehensive service, Dr. Valachi will:

  • Review your Medical & Equipment Information Form
  • Analyze the submitted operatory photos
  • Assess pain patterns you are experiencing
  • Provide a 1 hour recorded Virtual Consultation Session
  • Analyze your loupes and seating
  • Recommend a dental stool that fits your spinal curve, body height, size and gender.
  • Provide you with proper equipment adjustment.
  • Instruct you on proper operator and patient positioning
  • Correct harmful movement patterns in the operatory
  • Review your exercise program to remove harmful exercises
  • Recommend appropriate therapies and/or healthcare professionals
  • Prepare a customized Ergonomic Recommendations Report after the consultation

As a bonus, you’ll receive a FREE 1 month follow-up session that ensures success!  Dr. Valachi re-assesses the recommended interventions, equipment, exercises and adjustments to ensure effectiveness.

Receive ALL of Dr. Valachi’s Online Video Training with your Coaching Session at a reduced rate with ‘The Gold WellBody System’.


The process is easy!

  1. Purchase a Virtual Consultation.
  2. Book your session with our easy online calendar.
  3. Complete the downloadable Forms and take specific photos as described.
  4. Send photos and forms to Dr. Valachi’s office at least one week prior to the consultation.
  5. Receive a one hour Virtual Consultation, where Dr. Valachi will work with you to target your most concerning ergonomic and musculoskeletal issues.
  6. A 30 minute follow-up session is scheduled 1 month after the initial session.
  7. You receive a video recording of both sessions for future reference, as well as an Ergonomic Recommendations Report.

3 reviews for Virtual Consultation with FREE 1 Month Follow-up

  1. Dr. Stephen Kuennemeier

    Thanks to your recommendations, I am now working with absolutely no pain and production is up 50% over what I was doing 2 years ago.” Thank you so very much!!

  2. Chuck McMillan, DDS (verified owner)

    I recently had a valuable ergonomic consultation with Bethany. Her information can change lives, decrease pain, increase longevity of careers and more.

  3. Rick Wilson DMD (verified owner)

    I learned more about dental ergonomics from Bethany in the first five minutes of our interaction than I have from any other source in thirty years of practice. Bethany has deep knowledge of her field and possesses a remarkable ability to access the precisely relevant knowledge to each point that comes up in consultation. I began treating patients via the surgical operating microscope 11 years ago, and while this improved my posture, I really wish I had consulted Bethany right then–turns out I can do a great deal more to eliminate causes of pain and extend my career!

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