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Dr. Bethany Valachi is certified with the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) and is a Program Approved for Continuing Education (PACE) provider who provides Continuing Education (CE) that can be used for re-licensure.

Dr. Valachi can help you earn CEU credits that are useful for improving your health and extending your practice, and are engaging and dynamic as well.

Dr. Valachi’s courses are available in the following three formats:

Online CE Video Courses


Live lecture

Click here to find an upcoming dental ergonomic/wellness lecture in your area.


Dr. Bethany Valachi will soon be providing Webinars!  With these new interactive continuing education courses you’ll learn about all the ergonomic, spine, and joint issues that may be cutting short your dental career!  Dr. Valachi will be able to share all of her insights and strategies to keep you healthy and practicing dentistry with real-time interactive audio, video, and documents customized to your particular field of practice.

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