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Solving Work Related Pain in Dentistry


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Positioning for Success in Dentistry (Part 1 of the Wellness System)


Wellness System Part 1: Positioning for Success in Dentistry: Essential Ergonomic Guidelines for the Dental Team

The first step in resolving work-related pain in dentistry involves resolving ergonomic challenges in the operatory that compromise posture.

Good ergonomic equipment alone is not enough! Improper positioning of the operator, patient or equipment in the operatory can lead to contorted postures, injuries or even early retirement among dental professionals. Learn the essential techniques to optimally utilize and adjust your ergonomic stools, loupes and patient chairs to work more comfortably and productively. Special guidelines to position the patient for upper versus lower arches, various tooth surfaces, adjustment of different headrest styles, and use of positioning aids are also introduced. This is an excellent educational DVD for dental and hygiene schools.

Team members will:

  • Learn ergonomic positioning techniques to avoid painful awkward postures.
  • Avoid costly investment in non-ergonomic equipment
  • Correctly adjust equipment to optimize posture and improve patient care.
  • Identify effective dental positioning aids that improve patient comfort and optimize operator posture.

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Dental Team members will learn how to:

  • Adjust operator and assistant stools properly to attain balanced seated posture
  • Demonstrate proper patient positioning for upper & lower arches
  • Learn how to position the patient using flat or double-articulating headrests
  • Incorporate use of contoured cervical cushions to aid in proper positioning
  • Learn 3 methods to safely transfer wheelchair patients in the operatory


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