Solving Work Related Pain in Dentistry

How Proper Positioning Improves Your Posture in Dentistry

-Dr. Bethany Valachi-

One of the primary reasons I see my students and clinicians contorting over the patient is due to poor control of the occlusal plane when treating the upper arch.  This is Step 3 of my 10-Step Patient Positioning Sequence, and one of the most important concepts in dental ergonomics:  when the occlusal plane of the upper arch is in front of the vertical, it pulls the dentist into a forward-leaning posture. 

You’re probably looking at this image and thinking, “My patient would NEVER tolerate that!”

Yes they will.  And it’s easy!  But you probably weren’t taught how to do this in school–or any CE course for that matter.

The key is proper adjustment of the double articulating headrest, combined with proper recline of the chair, AND a special patient positioning aid!

With this combination, the patient will tolerate a great degree of reclining, which allows you to maintain optimal posture!

In Dr. Valachi’s CE Video Course, Positioning for Success in Dentistry, you’ll learn all 10 Steps of Dr. Valachi’s Patient Positioning Sequence to preserve your optimal posture in the operatory:

  • Dental stool selection & adjustment
  • Degree of recline of patient chair
  • Height of patient chair
  • Headrest adjustment (flat vs. double articulating headrest require very different patient positioning)
  • Clock position depending on the tooth surface
  • Light position
  • Fulcrums

Positioning for Success in Dentistry CE Course


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