Solving Work Related Pain in Dentistry

Should You be Treating Your Trigger Points?

-Dr. Bethany Valachi-

Your Trigger Points Might be Causing Your Pain!

Have you ever experienced a ‘headache’ behind your eye that won’t go away with pain medication?  Or experienced neck pain that feels slightly better with massage, but massage doesn’t resolve the neck pain?  These are typical characteristics of upper trapezius trigger points.  Since the upper trapezius is the most active muscle when practicing dentistry, it makes sense to consider preemptive therapy to work more comfortably and productively.

Pain clinic doctors who treat trigger points state they are the primary cause of pain in about 75% of cases!

Consider the facts:

  • 80% of dental professionals complain of neck & shoulder pain.
  • The upper trapezius muscles are the most active muscles in dentistry.
  • Upper trapezius trigger points are the primary trigger points responsible for neck pain and headaches.
  • The upper traps are the most reactive muscles in your body to emotional stress.
  • To effectively resolve most trigger points, they should be treated multiple times  (3-5 times) per day.
  • Is there any doubt that most dental professionals should be treating their upper trapezius trigger points?  The process is easy and incredibly effective.


The upper trapezius muscle

The most common trigger point in dental professionals is Upper Trapezius Trigger Point #1, which is located in the thick roll of muscle between your shoulder & neck.  Locate this by side-bending your head toward the trigger point, and with the opposite hand, grasp the thick roll of muscle between your thumb and index finger.  When you find the trigger point, you will know, as it will be extremely tender when you compress it!

Dr. Valachi teaches you how to self-treat and release 7 key trigger points to which dental professionals are prone in her CE video course.


Learn how to self-treat the 7 key trigger points

to which dental professionals are prone



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