Solving Work Related Pain in Dentistry

How to Select an Ergonomic Dental Stool that fits YOU!

-Dr. Bethany Valachi-

When it comes to dental stools, one size does NOT fit all!  With all the varieties and optional features of dental stools on the market today, your unique body characteristics can be better fitted and supported than ever before!  However, when selecting a dental stool, we must now take a look at not only the stool features, but YOUR body features and the ability of the stool to optimally support those features.
Your dental stool selection & adjustment should depend on 6 factors:
  • Your unique lumbar curvature
  • Gender
  • Height
  • Body frame/size
  • Disc health
  • Operatory layout
One of the most important of these is your lumbar curvature. If you have an excessive lumbar curve (hyperlordosis) or a flattened lumbar curve (hypolordosis), you want to select a stool that will prevent worsening of the condition.  Proper adjustment is equally important!  For instance, you may have the correct stool, but improper adjustment could lead to back pain.
Excerpts from the CE Video Course, 
“Dental Stools & Low Back Pain: Selection, Adjustment, Therapies & Exercise to Prevent Pain”



In the Dental Stools and Low Back Pain CE course, you’ll learn:
    • An exercise to determine your lumbar curvature.
    • What types of stools are best for different spine curvatures.
    • How you should adjust specific stool types, based on your lumbar curvature, to prevent back pain.
    • 5 scenarios where armrests are mandatory!
    • Which backrests are best for herniated discs.
    • Which 3 stool styles are best for men.
    • What depth of seat pan fits you best.
    • Operatory ergonomic modifications to prevent back pain.
    • The single best exercise to prevent low back pain.
    • Which therapies research shows are most effective in treating low back pain.

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