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Solving Work Related Pain in Dentistry

Dental Ergonomic Consulting Services

Ensure your Career Longevity with Customized One-on-One Coaching!

Work-related pain in dentistry is not only treatable but absolutely preventable with correct, evidence-based ergonomic and wellness interventions.

Dr. Valachi offers two types of dental ergonomic consultations to fit your needs: Virtual Coaching and In-Office Consultations.

“Thanks to your recommendations, I am now working with absolutely no pain and production is up 50% over what I was doing 2 years ago.” Thank you so very much!!”  Stephen Kuennemeier, DDS, Cincinnati, OH

Virtual Coaching Services


Virtual Coaching is one of the most popular and effective ways for Dr. Valachi to help you improve your ergonomics and optimize your health. 

Choose from two Virtual Coaching formats:

‘Get Unstuck’ Virtual Mini Session

Don’t know where to start? Get quick answers & focused direction with a 20 minute mini-session in the convenience of your home or office.  FIND OUT MORE!


Comprehensive Virtual Consultation (with FREE 30 day follow-up session)

For a fraction of the fee of a live In-Office Consultation, you can receive customized coaching and solutions in the comfort of your office!  Dr. Valachi analyzes your Medical Information form and In-office Photos to maximize the initial 1 hour session, targeting your most concerning ergonomic and wellness issues.  Dr. Valachi prepares a customized Ergonomic Recommendations Report, and a follow-up 30 minute session is scheduled 1 month later to ensure effectiveness of the interventions, equipment and exercise.

You receive a video recording of all Virtual Coaching Sessions for future reference.   FIND OUT MORE!


“I believe that the help I’ve received from you has been more valuable than any of the other help I’ve received in my quest to be fit and pain-free.”
-Chuck Tannenbaum, DDS, McHenry, IL

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In-Office Ergonomic Consultation

Customized to meet the needs of you and your Dental Team

Receive a fully customized consultation for you and your staff with Dr. Bethany Valachi in person.

In-Office Dental Ergonomic Consultations are Dr. Valachi’s most comprehensive service, and includes:

  • Review of Information Forms
  • Comparative trial of new equipment (if needed)
  • Ergonomic assessment of team members, operatories and front office
  • Equipment assessment, adjustment and modifications
  • Photogrammetric postural analysis
  • Multi-media presentation
  • Self-assessment exercise
  • Hands-on practicum in the operatory to resolve specific ergonomic challenges
  • Post video comparative analysis 
  • Recommendations Report for your entire team 
  • 3-month follow-up teleconference

All in the convenience of your own office!

For teams under 8 members, the in-office program can be completed in one day, and each team member will earn 4 CEUs.  

Your dental team will receive:

  • “Practice Dentistry Pain-Free” books for each team member.
  • Chairside Stretching & Trigger Point Therapy DVD kit
  • Home Exercise for Dental Professionals DVD kit
  • Positioning for Success in Dentistry DVD
  • Continuing education course completion certificates (4 CEUs)

Discover how a custom dental ergonomic consultation can improve your productivity, decrease pain and extend your dental career.

Contact Dr. Bethany Valachi today to schedule an In-Office Dental Ergonomic Consultation!

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Dr. Bethany Valachi

Beat Pain and Extend Your Career

Dr. Bethany Valachi has helped thousands of dental professionals for over 20 years, and is recognized internationally as an expert in dental ergonomics. Let Dr. Valachi help you work pain-free and take back your practice!

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