Solving Work Related Pain in Dentistry

VIDEO: Improve Your Head Posture in Dentistry

Are you a dental professional experiencing chronic neck pain? 

Rejuvenate your Love of Dentistry and Get Your Life Back

with Dr. Valachi’s evidence-based ergonomic & wellness interventions in this CE Video Course.

 “Dentistry Shouldn’t be a Pain in the Neck”.

Video Course Highlights:

  • Discover risk factors in your operatory that cause neck & shoulder pain.
  • Learn how to modify your TTL loupes to help prevent neck pain.
  • Implement evidence-based ergonomic strategies to resolve neck & shoulder pain.
  • Discover the single most effective exercise to prevent neck pain.
  • Identify the 3 criteria for selecting loupes that will prevent neck pain…..not make it worse!
  • Discuss how muscle imbalances lead to neck syndromes in dental professionals.
  • Implement the the best evidence-based therapies to self-treat trapezius myalgia.
  • Discover which pillows are the best for preventing neck pain.
  • Identify which exercises to avoid, that can worsen dental professionals’ pain syndromes.
  • Learn an exercise that will dramatically improve your head posture, no matter what type of loupes you wear.


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