Solving Work Related Pain in Dentistry

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The Pandemic, Heavy PPE & Your Health:

Boost Immunity while Conquering Stress, Fatigue & Headaches

NEW, evidence-based education to optimize dental professionals’ health in the New Year. 

*Discover which types of exercise boost your immune system & which types suppress it!
*Learn why heavy PPE can lead to headaches, fatigue & dehydration and easy interventions.
*Learn the 6 food supplements shown in recent research to target & fight COVID-19.
*Learn the 5 essential home exercises every dental professional should perform.
*How dental professionals should modify Yoga & Pilates routines.
*The secret(s) to keeping your New Year’s resolutions!





Positioning for Success in Dentistry:

Your Body, Your Practice in a Pandemic World


Here’s the essential positioning education you didn’t receive in school!
​​​​​​​Dr. Valachi’s evidence-based “10 Step Positioning Sequence”  helps you optimize your posture, boost productivity & prevent pain. Dr. Michael Goldberg will discuss how one of the fastest-growing innovative technologies can be used to help you revolutionize patient management and de-stress your body.
*​​​​​​​Implement Dr. Valachi’s 10-Step Positioning Sequence to dramatically improve your posture, comfort and reduce fatigue.
*Discover the secrets to improving patient tolerance to being reclined.
*Learn special positioning for pedo, geriatric and wheelchair populations.
*Use patient positioning aids to improve visual access of the oral cavity.
*Identify the differences between positioning with flat versus double articulating headrests.
*Discover the #1 positioning secret to avoiding back pain.
*Learn how to properly position the occlusal plane for different tooth surfaces & arches.
*Dramatically improve your head posture with Dr. Valachi’s new loupes exercise.
*Properly position delivery systems to avoid shoulder & back pain.
*Learn the value of tele-health during the pandemic in revolutionizing your patient management, patient flow & de-stressing your body.
*BONUS! Free Report: 10 Simple Low or No Cost Strategies to Build a Word of Mouth Referral Practice
OFFERED TWICE:  Feb. 10, 2021 OR Feb. 26, 2021​​​​​​​
LENGTH: 60 minute webinar with optional 15 min. Q&A
​​​​​​​REGISTRATION FEE: $39  ($5 goes to Feeding America)



Speaker Bio

Dr. Bethany Valachi, PT, DPT, MS, CEAS
Bethany is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, author of the book, “Practice Dentistry Pain-Free”, Ergonomics Instructor at OHSU School of Dentistry, and has presented over 1,000 lectures internationally.  Recognized worldwide as ‘the expert’ in dental ergonomics, she has helped thousands of dental professionals prevent pain and extend their careers with her relevant, evidence-based dental ergonomic education.  Dr. Valachi has published more than 80 articles and offers online CE video training on her website at


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