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 Prevent Pain and Release the Power of Your Practice!

Bring Dr. Bethany Valachi’s researched and proven strategies into your office.

Many dental professionals passively accept pain as a general part of their practice, and this acceptance often results in long term pain that plagues many professionals throughout their personal and private lives.  What’s more is that the pain many professionals often experience is often a precursor to long term damage that can potentially result in permanent and irreversible pain, a substantially shortened career, and an inhibiting and debilitating issues that may very well affect your life and wellbeing outside of your practice.

The good news is that much of the pain you, your peers, or your staff may be experiencing as a result of the work you do in your practice is not only treatable but absolutely preventable with minor tweaks in practice and procedure that will leave you fulfilling the obligations you have to your patients without costing you any pain or injury.

Posturedontics offers two types of dental ergonomic consultations to fit your needs and schedule, and with the help of these time friendly and revolutionary consultations you will begin to feel immediate relief from the pain that results from your practice.

77% of dental professionals report an immediate reduction of pain as a result of following the simple and useful practices Dr. Bethany Valachi teaches, and with extended practice and focus that number continually grows.

 Get in touch with Dr. Bethany Valachi to spread the knowledge and information you need to relieve pain and release the power of your practice.

Virtual Coaching

Zoom Consultations are by far one of the most popular and effective ways for Dr. Bethany Valachi to analyze your use of equipment and body angles to alter your practice provide effective and pain relieving results.  For the fraction of the cost of an in-office consultation, and with a customized and specifically designed consultation Dr. Valachi and immediately adjust your current practices and procedures to make them more effective and less painful and harmful 

Receive Immediate Pain Relief!

Dr. Bethany Valachi analyzes your use of equipment and body angles to create results.

Tap into Dr. Valachi’s extensive ergonomic knowledge and exertise with a fully customized Virtual Coaching Session that is specifically tailored to your practice and procedures. Combining 20 years of dental ergonomic research and comprehensive in-office coaching, Bethany provides dental professionals with a unique opportunity to resolve your ergonomic challenges in your operatory, ask questions and receive recommendations and solutions to the issues and pain caused throughout your working day.

The process is easy, and Virtual Consultations can usually be scheduled within 2-3 weeks of contact:

  • Contact our office to schedule a consultation. Please indicate several dates and times that would work best for a 1 hour consultation.
  • Multiple photos are taken at specific camera angles to best synthesize how you use your equipment and what body angles may be causing pain and damage. Specific guidelines for the photos will be sent after registration.
  • Complete a Dentist Information Form, indicating the equipment you work with, its adjustment, recurring pain, work habits and much more to address your specific needs.
  • Send your photos and profile to our office one week prior to the consultation to allow for a detailed analysis and recommendations provided by Dr. Valachi herself.
  • During the one hour consultation, Dr. Valachi will work with you to target your most concerning ergonomic issues and those identified from based on your submitted information.
  • You receive a video recording of the 1 hour Zoom Consultation for your future reference.

What are you waiting for?  77% of professionals report immediate reduction of pain after a single consultation and that number only goes up as professionals integrate Dr. Bethany Valachi’s procedures into their practice.

Experience a longer and healthier career with one of Dr. Bethany Valachi’s revolutionary consultations today!

In-Office Ergonomic Consultations

Customized to meet the needs of you and your Dental Team

Receive a fully customized consultation for you and your staff with Dr. Bethany Valachi in person.

Our In-Office Ergonomic Consultations are one of our most comprehensive dental ergonomics service, the Posturedontics In-Office Consultation includes physical profile reviews, ergonomic assessment, photogrammetric postural analysis, multi-media presentation, a hands-on practicum in the operatory, post video comparative analysis and a Recommendations Report for your entire team and staff. All in the convenience of your own office! For teams under 8 members, the in-office portion of the program can be completed in one day and will allow your entire staff to start experiencing and support each other with practices and techniques that will allow for a healthier, happier, and pain free work environment that extends careers and relieves pain immediately.

To date, 77% of participating team members have experienced decreased pain immediately following one of Dr. Bethany Valachi’s procedures and that number only continues to grow with the use of Dr. Valachi’s techniques and maneuvers in your practice.

  1. Pre-Program Physical Profile Review

Prior to the program, each team member fills out a screening form including working position, equipment, and indicating any painful areas of the body. This is returned to Posturedontics two weeks prior to the program date to help customize the program to your office and the specific needs of individual staff as well as the issues that the entire staff may be suffering from.  This information allows Dr. Bethany Valachi to pinpoint the specific issues many professionals overlook or never acknowledge as an issue that has been causing pain amongst every staff member.

  1. In-office Videotaping, Assessment & Equipment Trial

An ergonomic assessment and videotaping of the entire office, lab, operatories and front office is performed. This portion of the program is completed during normal office hours with patients scheduled as usual. Team members trial new ergonomic equipment that is selected based on the Team Member Profile information received from each team member, and equipment is specifically selected to improve the work related functions of every staff member while reducing pain related stresses and injuries related to faulty and poorly designed equipment.

  1. Multi-media Presentation (2 hours)

Presentation includes:

  • How to prevent and manage pain and musculoskeletal disorders resulting from work related stresses.
  • Identifying symptoms and mechanisms of injury for the primary CTDs to which team members are most pre-disposed.
  • Vital information regarding important features of and the proper adjustment of ergonomic equipment to allow for beneficial and efficient use.
  • How to prevent muscle imbalances through chairside stretching and other vital and simple exercises that allow for an extended, healthier, and pain free work day.
  • Implementation of optimal chairside positioning to minimize musculoskeletal strain.
  • Develop balanced musculoskeletal health with a home exercise program
  1. Videotape Self-Assessment Exercise

Team members view the morning video and perform an evaluation of their own working postures and positioning to reflect on and analyze the issues that have been plaguing them most.

  1. Hands-On Operatory Practicum

Receive one on one coaching in your operatory while your team applies the concepts learned in the presentation and self-assessment exercise. Problem solving and troubleshooting is provided for the unique ergonomic challenges in your operatory and your staff is integrated to ensure the use of best practices following this dynamic practicum.

  1. Ergonomic Assessment and Recommendations Report

The confidential ergonomic report, CE or continuing dental education course completion certificates and video DVD of your consultation is sent to the dentist within 2 weeks after the program. Evaluation and recommendations are made for each team member, including front office, based on:

  • Team Member Profile
  • Ergonomic Assessment
  • Video
  • Hands-on practicum
  1. 3-Month Follow-up

A 3-month follow-up is provided in person (if within 1 hour drive of Portland, OR) or via teleconference to assess improvements and needed refinements.

Materials Provided for In-Office Consultation:

  • “Practice Dentistry Pain-Free” books for each dentist and 1 office copy.
  • Chairside Stretching & Trigger Point Therapy DVD kit
  • 2nd Edition Home Exercise for Dental Professionals DVD kit
  • Positioning for Success in Dentistry DVD
  • Continuing education course completion certificates (4 CEUs)

Discover how a custom dental ergonomic consultation can improve your productivity, decrease pain and extend your dental career.

Contact Dr. Bethany Valachi today to share your experience of revolutionary and pain free practice with your entire staff.  Together you can maintain a happier and pain free practice!

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