Solving Work Related Pain in Dentistry

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My mission for Posturedontics, LLC has always been to help dental professionals worldwide prevent pain, extend their careers and improve their quality of life with evidence-based ergonomic and wellness education. 

Since 2019, all of my education is now available as self-instructional video courses. This makes it is much easier to fulfill my mission to help more dental professionals worldwide avoid unnecessary work-related pain or early retirement. 

With your help as an affiliate, we can get this education to a larger population of dental team members to help the profession as a whole!  

My affiliates make a 30% commission PER SALE on ALL individual CE video courses AND the SILVER WellBody System for Dental Professionals.  (The Gold and Platinum WellBody System packages are not included in this Affiliate Program.)

For example, at the current price of $795 for a Dentist WellBody System, you will make 30% of that sale, which means you will get $238 per sale!

Use your Affiliate Links for Profit

Here are some ideas for you to implement that have worked well for my affiliates.  You can use your unique Affiliate Link in the following:

  • BLOGS: Dental ergonomic & wellness blogs
  • FACEBOOK: Great for dental team members, dental manufacturers & dental societies.  Include a testimonial of how the education changed your life!
  • YOUTUBE: Don’t be shy! Video are one of the best ways to market.
  • TWITTER: Make a timely reference to one of Dr. Valachi’s video courses
  • ARTICLES: Reference in a Dental Journal article
  • SPEAKERS: Place the link in your handout, under ‘Resources’ section
  • WEBINAR: Place link in presentation or handout
  • INSTAGRAM: Include a testimonial

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