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dentistry shouldn't be a pain in the neck
online video course

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Pain is NOT necessarily a by-product of delivering dental care!

With the COVID pandemic comes new PPD and mental stress that can cause headaches and amplify neck pain.  In this dynamic online course, Dr. Valachi shares relevant, research-based interventions to prevent headaches, neck and shoulder pain to extend your career.

To effectively prevent neck pain in dentistry, your ergonomic education MUST be specific to dentistry, evidence-based and unbiased. Dr. Valachi’s doctorate research focused on neck pain specific to dental professionals, and her course offers a plethora of interventions you can implement now!

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5 easy to follow videos with 45 minutes of invaluable information

You’ll learn the 3 criteria to select truly ergonomic loupes; how to make your loupes more ergonomic; how to adjustment flip-up loupes; the BEST exercise for neck pain and much more.

  • State the risk factors of neck & shoulder pain in dentistry
  • Learn how to select loupes that will preserve your neck health....not make it worse!
  • Implement ergonomic strategies in the operatory to prevent & resolve headaches, neck and shoulder pain.
  • Learn how to make 4 ergonomic modifications to your existing TTL loupes.
  • Learn how to correct muscle imbalances that lead to neck pain syndromes in dental professionals.
  • Best pillows to prevent neck pain.
  • Learn what research shows is the #1 best exercise to prevent neck pain in dentistry!
  • The two best Chairside Stretches for neck pain.
  • BONUS!  Dr. Valachi's recommended brands and models of ergonomic loupes.

“Dr Bethany Valachi's exercise program was the answer to reducing upper back pain. I have vastly benefited from the WellBody System. Her resources are of great help and of paramount importance for a successful healthy dental career.“
- Ushaina Fanibunda

“I really appreciate the exercises and stretches taught in Dr. Valachi’s online class. As I have worked many years in the dental profession, I also had many visits to the physical therapist for neck, back and tendonitis issues. I wish I had taken Dr. Valachi’s course sooner, so I could have prevented the injuries.“
- Loretta, RDH

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