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get personal support from dr. valachi

You'll receive a customized 1 1/2 hour consultation call with a 30 min follow up as well as a full ergonomic report with suggestions catered specifically to you and your situation PLUS Dr. Valachi will recommend the perfect dental stool for your body.

The only way to work with Dr. Valachi in this type of setting outside of the Gold Wellbody Package is to book a private consultation currently priced at $2495

Not only will you save 35% off the Gold Package but you'll get an amazing value for a fraction of the cost!

  • 1 1/2 hour consultation call with Dr. Valachi
  • 30 min follow up call
  • Customized ergonomic report with suggestions on products and exercise specifically for your pain
  • Access to all live & recorded Webinars (1 live webinar/month) with Q&A

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“I have been a dental hygienist for 44 years. I wish this information had been available a long time ago. I have learned so much and only hope I can correct some of the bad habits I have acquired. I found the information to be very helpful, thought out and thorough.“
- Dona Poole, RDH

- Leslie Kraus, RDH

* The additional cost of $395 for the discounted Gold Package WellBody System will be automatically charged to the payment method you used for your original order.

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