Solving Work Related Pain in Dentistry

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Work-related Pain Among Women in Dentistry

-Original Article by Dr. Bethany Valachi-  edited by Merideth Sweeney Did you realize the profession of dentistry ranked four out of the top five careers that are most damaging to one’s overall health (Kiersz & Gillett, 2018)?  Now, include being a woman to that alarming statistic, and this combination could produce the perfect storm for an ergonomic disaster.  But what ifRead More >>

Dentists, Golf & Low Back Pain

-Dr. Bethany Valachi- You’ve had a tough day in the operatory, the sun is out, your back is aching, and the green is calling.  What could be better than a game of golf to work the aches out?  For some dentists…just about anything! It’s no secret that over 50% of dentists experience chronic low backRead More >>

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